Influence of Cognition on Gait

Dr. Isabelle KillaneFiachra Maguire MSc, Andrew Creagh MAI, Gavin Bennett MSc, Professor Richard Reilly


The global population is ageing. Identifying markers of impairment as early as possible is paramount in order to maintain healthy successful ageing. Despite growing evidence linking gait and cognition in aging, cognitive risk assessments that incorporate motoric signs are not employed clinically. Recently, a measure with the potential to identify older adults at high risk for transitioning to dementia has been developed: the motoric cognitive risk (MCR) syndrome. The MCR syndrome has been defined as the presence of cognitive complaints and slow gait in non-demented individuals and could be a simple and easily accessible clinical approach.

MCR has the potential to be a sensitive, specific measure that can identify those at risk of transitioning to dementia. Through examination of specific motor and cognitive parameters a modified-MCR may be a subtle measure of dementia subtypes.

To validate the Motoric Cognitive Risk (MCR) syndrome in the Irish population. To investigate the efficacy of a modified-MCR at identifying those with poor motor performance and cognitive impairment.




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