Research Team

Prof Richard Reilly
Professor of Neural Engineering and Ageing


Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers
Dr Celine De Looze
Dr Rebecca Beck
Dr Isabelle Killane
Dr Cristina Simoes Franklin

PhD Researchers
Alejandro Lopez
Niamh McDevitt
Brendan Quinlivan
Terence Taylor
Saskia Waechter
Shruti Narasimham
Ciara O’Higgins
Tudor Munteanu
Clodagh O'Keeffe

MSc Researchers 2016-2017
Dorina Birsanu
Laura Taboada Pascual
Surbhi Hablami

MAI Researchers 2016-2017
Anna Rice
Johnny McNulty
Vikram Sundararajan

MSc Researchers 2015-2016
Gavin Bennett
Owen Killian
Thomas McCartan
Fiachra Maguire
Elisabetta Melis
Stephen Sechler

Clodagh O'Keeffe

MAI Researchers 2015-2016
Ella Baird
Andrew Creagh
Cathy Lau

Research Assistants
Alex Kennedy
Kate Doherty

Visitors to the Lab
Professor Yaniv Zigel (2016-2017)
Professor Tadisha Isa (2016)

Alumni of the Reilly Lab at Trinity College Dublin

Theme (Active Implantable Devices)

  1. Lopez-Valdes A. (2011-2012), MSc: Mathematical processing of audio cues for improve hearing with cochlear implants

  2. Chah E. (2007-2012), PhD: Mathematical processing of electrophysiology with applications to implanted electrodes

  3. Steinemann, N (2011-2012), MSc: Mathematical modelling of head direction cells

  4. Noor S, (2011-2012), MSc: Recording of hippocampal place cells in freely moving animals

  5. Van Dort M. (2010-2011), MSc: Closed loop recording and stimulation in implanted devices.

  6. Krijser L. (2010-2011), MSc: Thin filament electrode design for deep brain recording

  7. Leijsen A. (2013-2014), MSc: Spectral Ripple Mismatch Negativity in Speech Perception in Cochlear Implants Users.

  8. McNamara, H. (2013-2014), MSc: Neuronal substrate of procedural memory: Ensemble investigation of rodent basal ganglia


Theme (Neurophysiological Modelling and Imaging)

  1. Fearon C. (2012-2016), PhD: Quantitative Assessment of Motor Perceptual,  and Cognitive Function in Parkinson’s Disease and Their Contribution to Freezing of Gait

  2. Narasimham S. (2014-2015), MSc: Electrophysiological investigations in Looming Stimuli and its relevance to movement disorders

  3. Markicevic M (2014-2015), MSc: Neuroimaging of Cancer-related fatigue

  4. Waechter S. (2013-2014), MSc: Neuroimaging during ambulation for a study of Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease

  5. Abdur R. (2013-2014), MSc: Electrophysiological investigations in Looming Stimuli and its relevance to movement disorders

  6. Cheshire R. (2012-2013), MSc: Electrophysiological Investigations into Freezing of Gait.

  7. Gallego, J. (2012-2013), MSc: Ambulatory neuroimaging of Freezing of Gait.

  8. Anggraini, D. (2012-2013), MSc: Neuroimaging of interactions between motor and cognitive cognition.

  9. McDevitt N. (2012-2013), MSc: Electrophysiological analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. (with Prof. Gallagher, School of Medicine).

  10. Cosgrave N (2012-2023), MSc: Electrophysiological analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. (with Prof. Gallagher, School of Medicine).

  11. Kiiski H. (2009-2012), PhD: Neurophysiological Assessment of cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis.

  12. Nolan H. (2008-2012), PhD: Multisensory Integration in the Vestibular System

  13. Rueda-Delgado L. (2011-2012), MSc: Quantitative analysis of acute brain injury.

  14. Bradley D. (2008-2012), PhD: Temporal Discrimination Threshold as an endophenotype in adult onset primary torsion dystonia

  15. Meredith S. (2004-2011), PhD: Diffusion Imaging: A Fast Marching Approach to Tractography (with Dr. Kathleen Curran)

  16. Power A. (2006-2011), PhD: Endogenous Auditory Spatial Attention in Auditory Cortex.

  17. Sobolewski R. (2008-2011), MSc: An investigation of Cognitive Aging: an EEG study. Awaiting graduation

  18. Nolan D (2009-2011), MSc: Analysis of the aortic valve dynamics using endolumenal measurements.

  19. Cheung M (2010-2011), MSc: Assessment kinematic movement in fMRI.

  20. Brennan C (2010-2011), MSc: Influence of dual tasking on gait variability

  21. Browett G. (2009-2010), MSc: Artefact Rejection in movement based EEG Studies.

  22. Moran R.C. (2004-2008), PhD: Neural Mass Models of the Electroencephalogram-a unifying framework.

  23. Lalor E. (2004-2007), PhD: Neural Engineering Methods in Visual Neuroscience.

  24. Greene B. (2003-2007), PhD: Quantification and Classification of Electrophysiological Seizure in the Neonate.

  25. Kelly S. (2001-2005), PhD: Electrophysiological studies of the Human Attention System.

  26. Smith R. (2003-2004), MEngSc: Signal Processing of EEG for Brain Computer Interfaces.

  27. O’Dwyer M. (2003-2004), MEngSc: ECG Pattern Recognition using two level classifiers.

  28. McCue M. (1998-2000), MEngSc: EMG Signal Analysis” (with Prof. Mark O’Malley)


Theme (Neural Signal Processing and Neural Signal Processing with Application to Ageing)

  1. Holmes M. (2011-2015), PhD: Bioacoustic analysis of respiratory function.

  2. Foran T. (2009-2015), PhD: Gait Analysis from triaxial accelerometry. (co-supervision with Prof. Kenny, School of Medicine).

  3. Killane I. (2009-2014), PhD: Gait as a window into cognitive function.

  4. Burke L. (2013-2014) MSc: Speech derived measures of cognitive impairment during chemotherapy

  5. Newman L. (2013-2014), MSc: Neuroimaging of Cancer-related fatigue

  6. Koller, S (2013-2014), MSc: Speech derived measures of cognitive impairment during chemotherapy

  7. Killidil R. (2013-2014), MSc: Neuroimaging of Cancer-related fatigue

  8. Rapcan V. (2007-2013), PhD: Speech and language processing in cognitive function assessment.

  9. Hintze J. (2012-2013), MSc: Bioacoustic analysis of respiratory signals.

  10. ASM Shamsul Arefin (2011-), MSc Quantitative EEG analysis of task induced epilepsy

  11. Reynolds N., (2011-2012), MSc Diffusion Tensor Imaging of task induced epilepsy

  12. Dabacan A. (2011-2012), MSc Temporal Discrimination Threshold Assessment in Dystonia

  13. Fanning A. (2011-2012), MSc Temporal Discrimination Threshold Assessment in Dystonia

  14. Mooney E. (2011-2012), MSc Tremor Assessment in Neurological Disorders.

  15. Murphy C (2010-2011), MSc: Forced Oscillatory Measurements in Pulmonary Diseases

  16. Pitorac D.M. (2008-2009), MSc: Automatically Adapting Mattress for the Prevention of Pressure Sores and Ulceration.

  17. Lahart F. (2007-2008), MSc: Home based Stroke Rehabilitation.

  18. Roche J. (2007-2008), MSc: Use of Abdominal Pressure for orthostatic tolerance in patients with autonomic failure.

  19. Scanlon P. (2001-2005), PhD: Audio and Visual Features for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition.

  20. Sharma P. (2000-2005), PhD: Face Detection with application to Video Segmentation.

  21. Fox N. (2002-2005), PhD: Audio and Video based Person Identification.

  22. Maguire C. (2003-2004), MEngSc: Automatic Classification for Vocal Pathology.

  23. Gray M. (2002-2003), MEngSc: Video compression using for Wireless networks.

  24. Kat Woon L. (2001-2003), MEngSc: Bluetooth based Video and Image Transmission.

  25. McInerney S. (1999-2001), MEngSc: VLSI cores for Pattern Recognition applications.

  26. Harper P. (1998-2000), MEngSc: Object Segmentation using Level Sets.

  27. Bray D. (1998-1999), MEngSc: Abdominal Bowel Sounds” (with Dr Brendan McCormack)