Dr Isabelle Killane

Trinity Centre for Bioengineering,
Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Trinity College Dublin, 152-160 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Department of Medicine,
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Education and Research Unit, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9.

Email: killani@tcd.ie
Tel: +353-1-8964214


Biographical Information

My research focus is neural engineering and rehabilitation with an emphasis on experimental and statistical models that examine predictors of disease states or events in order to improve function. My principal research interest is the exploration of locomotion as a window to understand and improve cognitive function in older adults and individuals with Parkinson’s disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). During my PhD, I investigated kinematic predictors of conversion to mild cognitive impairment in older adults employing the TILDA dataset. Subsequent to this, as a postdoctoral researcher with the FP7 European funded VERVE consortium (tcd, DFKI) I examined the efficacy of a dual motor-cognitive intervention in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease who experience freezing of gait. I also find the complexity of disease (effect of personal characteristics, comorbidities) fascinating and have gained tremendous expertise on this which I am currently exploring in other populations (regression and survival models in uncontrolled asthma cohorts) as part of a clinical trial employing connected health to assess inhaler adherence (INCA, Industry Collaborators). I have been involved with the INCA project since 2007 and I am a patent co-inventor (EU 13766910.7 – 1662 PCT/EP2013067932, US 14/424,964). Previous to this I worked as a validation engineer in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

My future research plans are to build on the foundations of my postdoctoral and PhD research to further develop new engineering methods, statistical models, experimental tools and develop interventions in conjunction with clinical and industry partners, in particular gaining funding with those across the European Union and with budding collaborations that I have formed in Britain, Australia and the United States. In particular, I have gained expertise and interest in the collection and interpretation of gait data through biomedical sensors (pressure-sensing mats, 3-D motion analysis, balance boards) and neurological data through experimentation and neuropsychological assessment test, with some experience of other methods (EEG, fNIRS). In addition, I hope to gain funding to develop a brain-training intervention for older adults with COPD. I am involved with several student projects (see webpage and publications below also): Risk factors for hospital re-admission in COPD, Links between gait and cognitive function in the TILDA dataset (cross sectional and longitudinal), ExerGaming as a tool for improving cognitive reserve in Parkinson’s Disease.

I am a member of the gait and cognitive research groups in The Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging (TILDA) and have worked in collaboration with the Dublin Neurological Institute, Mater Hospital, Dublin. I am a member of the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Postdoctoral Committee and involved with organising a series of public engagement seminar sessions with The Science Gallery. I have been involved with research into and commercialisation of connected health solutions for healthcare in one form or another since my time at University College Dublin from 2007. I have been involved with writing, administration or project management of several funding proposals: H2020 (http://independence-asd.eu), FP7 (http://www.welcome-project.eu/home.aspx), (http://verveconsortium.eu/) and Enterprise Ireland (eBIOTECH).

I hold a PhD in neural engineering (“Development of Neural Engineering Methods for the Objective Assessment of Cognitive Processing based on Gait Data: An Analysis of a Truly Nationally Representative Cohort of Older Adults” ), an MSc in Bioengineering, a Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics and a BA, BAI in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. During my PhD I completed the M.Sc in Neuroscience Neural Engineering and Neural Imaging courses and the M.Sc in Bioengineering Neural Engineering course.

Research Interests

  • Statistical Models that examine Predictors of Exacerbation and Clinical Improvement in Asthma Patients.
  • Self-Motion and Cognitive Function in Aging Populations (links between measures of gait and cognition, specifically executive function, division of attention, dual task changes).
  • Effect of Age and Cognitive Decline on Variability of Gait (higher control of gait, internal rhythmicity of locomotor system)
  • Self-Motion, Cognitive Function and Sensory Processing in Parkinsons Disease, in particular in Freezing of Gait
  • Ambulatory Gait and EEG Analysis

Publications in International Reviewed Journals

  • Maguire F, Killane I, Creagh A, Donoghue OA, Kenny RA, Reilly RB. Baseline Association of Motoric Cognitive Risk Syndrome with Sustained Attention, Memory and Global Cognition. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. Sep 2017. DOI: 10.1016/j.jamda.2017.07.016.
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  • Killane I , Donoghue OA, Savva GM, Cronin H, Kenny RA, Reilly RB. Relative Association of Processing Speed, Short-Term Memory and Sustained Attention With Task on Gait Speed: A Study of Community-Dwelling People 50 Years and Older . The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences. 2014. doi: 10.1093/gerona/glu140
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Proceedings Papers for International Conferences

  • Maguire, F., Killane, I., Creagh, A., Donoghue, O,  Kenny, RA, Reilly, RB. Movers and Shakers: Motor Measures of Cognition. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, London. April 2017
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Presentations at National Conferences

  • Bennett, G., Cushen, B., Killane, I., Maguire, F., Costello, RW, Reilly, RB, “Investigating gait and cognition in elderly COPD patients hospitalised with an acute exacerbation", Irish Gerontology Society. Age Ageing (2016) 45 (suppl_2): ii13-ii56. doi: 10.1093/ageing/afw159.120. (Awarded Medal for Best in Section)
  • Creagh, A., Killane, I., Maguire, F., Donoghue, O,  Kenny, RA, Reilly, RB, “Examining the links between domains of gait and cognitive decline: a factor analysis approach", Irish Gerontology Society. Age Ageing (2016) 45 (suppl_2): ii13-ii56. doi: 10.1093/ageing/afw159.
  • Maguire, F., Killane, I., Creagh, A., Donoghue, O,  Kenny, RA, Reilly, RB, “Characterisation of Motoric Cognitive Risk Syndrome from a Nationally Representative Sample", Irish Gerontology Society. Age and Ageing 45(Supplement 2):ii1-ii12 · September 2016. doi: 10.1093/ageing/afw159.33 
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  • Killane I, Browett G, Reilly RB. Measuring Neural Responses During Sitting, Cycling and Walking. Bini17, Galway, Ireland 2011.
  • Killane I, Browett G, Reilly RB. Gait and Cognition. Bioengineering Christmas Symposium 2010. (Best Poster Presentation Winner)
  • Whelan R, Longergan R, Killane I, Reilly RB, Hutchinson M, Tubridy N. A delayed P3 event-related potential component correlates highly with cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis. Neuroscience Ireland 2008.


  • Health Research Board Investigator Led Project Scheme 2017:

€366,478. Co-applicant (July 2017), ILP-HSR-2017-005: "The relationship of medication adherence and environmental factors to exacerbations in patients with severe asthma"

  • Trinity Grant Award 2014, 2013, 2012.

This travel award, which allowed Isabelle to travel to Canada (2014) to attend the Joint Conference of the International Society of Posture and Gait Research and Gait and Mental Function (ISPGR/GMF), to Japan (2013) to attend two conferences: ISPGR/GMF and IEEE EMBC and Norway (2012) to attend ISPGR/GMF, was only made possible by the generosity of previous generations of graduates contributing to two sources of funding, the Graduate Studies Research Travel Fund and the Trinity Trust.

  • Student Travel Grant 2012
    This travel grant allowed Isabelle to attend the Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Section of Bioengineering of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland (Bini19).
  • Postgraduate Research Studentship Award 2012
    Awarded by the Graduate Studies Office and Engineering Department, Trinity College Dublin. The selection of nominees from this award is based on academic merit. Awards are made to students who have demonstrated excellent academic abilities (with an emphasis on achievement during their postgraduate studies). Receipts of this award have their annual fees covered, along with receiving an annual maintenance grant of €8,000.
  • Best Poster Presentation Winner:
    • Best Poster in Section, Irish Gerontology Society Scientific Meeting, Kerry, Ireland (2016): "Risk Factors for Hospital Re-Admissions in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" (Authors: Bennett, Cushen, Killane, Costello, Reilly).
    • Shortlisted for Best Student Poster at International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement (iCAMPAM), Glasgow, Scotland 2011: “Measuring Neural Responses During Mild Exercise” (Authors: I. Killane, G.Browett, R.Reilly)
    • Best poster, Trinity Centre for Bioengineering (TCBE) Christmas Symposium 2010, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland: “Gait and Cognition” (Authors: I. Killane, G. Browett, R.B. Reilly).

Reviewer for the following journals

  • Journal of Gerontology: Series A (Medical Sciences).
  • Journal of American Geriatrics Society.
  • Brain Topography.
  • Experimental Gerontology.
  • BMJ Open
  • Gait & Posture
  • Sensors